First blog entry: Q & A

My very first blog entry! I’m so excited for this and I really hope you guys will enjoy my blog. I asked on Instagram what questions you had for me, and Summer (library_looter) spammed me with questions! Carolien (carolreadsbooks) asked me as well and I’ve integrated them into the two first questions.

When did you start reading and what’s the first novel you remember reading?

The first book I remember reading was Harry Potter og De Vises Sten (the danish translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone). I was eleven years old and I borrowed it from one of my best friends, he was a big fan of the books and kept suggesting them to me. I remember being very much against it in the beginning, because in our class it wasn’t very cool to read or to be a little geeky/nerdy. But in the end I agreed to borrow it and I enjoyed it so much more than I expected I would! I actually got my parents to buy the second book as soon as I could. Or I used my own savings. I can’t really remember, but I got the second book immediately.

Why did you start reading and was it because of a specific book?

I think the answer to these questions are covered by the answer above, but I’d like to explain WHY I started reading. Because I could’ve ended up NOT buying the second book in the Harry Potter series, I could’ve ignored it after finishing it but I didn’t. The thing about books is that there is something addictive in the pages, that feeling when you finally read a book that feels like it’s just written especially to you, where you often lose yourself in the world and in the characters. I’ve most likely already read a book before reading Harry Potter, because I enjoyed going to the school’s library, but the thing is that I don’t remember any of them. Harry Potter became so special to me because I could relate to Harry, Ron and Hermione in so many different ways and I think that’s the main reason to why I started reading so much. You never feel alone when you’re reading a book filled with characters that inspire you, that makes you feel normal and that anything you want and wish for can come true. We follow the characters as they struggle through life and watch them overcome the obstacles, it’s motivating to read! Especially as a young kid.

Why did you join bookstagram?

I found bookstagram in the spring of 2015 and I was blown away with how many people loved and enjoyed books the same way I did. Back then, The Infernal Devices trilogy was the biggest hype. I immediately bought Clockwork Angel and I devoured it in less than TWO days. That’s when I truly realized that I was missing out on so many great books and I decided to join the bookstagram community. Best decision I ever made.

Do you read every day?

I try to read as much as I possibly can, either from my iPhone, from an audiobook or from an actual book. Before I became a mum in June, I always carried a book with me in the bus, so I could read during the ride and on my lunch break at work. I always carry a book with me in my bag no matter what, even when I go to a doctor’s appointment. A book is always handy in situations like that.

What’s your favorite book?

I have many different favorite books! It all depends on the genre. If it’s Young Adult, then it’s Fangirl (and The Fault In Our Stars). If it’s Contemporary, then it’s Me Before You. If it’s Mystery/Thriller, then it’s Gone Girl and Skygger I Natten. If it’s Fantasy, then it’s A Court of Mist and Fury. If it’s Classics, then it’s Pride & Prejudice. I am still exploring some of the genres, since Fantasy is the genre I’ve read the most. I need to read more YA, Mystery/Thriller and more Classics!

Favorite series?

My favorite series is without a doubt Harry Potter. Those books have a special place in my heart. Next is the Throne of Glass series, the ACOTAR series, the Outlander series and the Song of Ice and Fire series (in other words; A Game of Thrones).

Favorite genres?

Must be fantasy! But I love Contemporary, Young Adult and Mystery/Thriller as well. I just haven’t read enough books in them yet to fully call any of them my favorite genre.

Favorite author?

That must be J. K. Rowling and Sarah J. Maas. That’s when it comes to YA Fantasy. Or can Harry Potter be classified under YA?

In Adult Fiction it’s definitely George R. R. Martin and Diana Gabaldon. They’re writing style is so rich and detailed, it’s hard not to be mind-blown when you come across a deliciously written line in one of their books!

Most owned author?

J. K. Rowling, because I have the Harry Potter books in Danish as well, and Cassandra Clare because I have the Infernal Devices trilogy and the Immortal Instruments series.

Favorite fictional character?

I have so many of them! First; Hermione, she’s an incredibly inspiring character because she held her head up high while being bullied. Then there’s Tessa, from the Infernal Devices trilogy, I really liked her and her love for books. And Feyre from the A Court of Thorns a Roses series, who came from a poor family and she fought so hard to make sure they could eat and live for another day, and despite all she went through, she still had an artistic side to her.

What fictional character would you choose to be your friend?

Celaena from Throne of Glass. She seems like an incredibly loyal friend! And Hermione, though she doesn’t sound like a person you could have a lot of fun with, haha.

If you could have a fantasy animal as a pet, what would you choose?

A hippogriff! I don’t know why, but they seem quite funny and useful at the same time.



Thank you so much for your questions!  I really enjoyed answering them and I hope you guys enjoyed the answers.


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