Top 5: Books On My TBR Pile

Don’t we all have an incredibly high stack of unread books? And lots of them being equally exciting and you can’t wait to read them? Well, I am no different from you guys and let me show you 5 books I am the most anxious to read!Read More »


The Book Bucket List

I saw Reagan from Peruse Project post a video with this tag – Book Bucket List – and thought it would be fun to make a blog with the same tag!

So this tag is about the books you definitely want to read during your lifetime (it’s like a tbr pile for life). You want to read them but can’t be sure WHEN you’ll get to read them. You just know that you’ll read them one day.

So without further ado, here’s my book bucket list:Read More »

Top 5: Books I want to re-read in 2017

Top 5: Books I want to re-read in 2017

There are some books I want to re-read this year, some because I miss the world and the characters, and some because I loved them so much when I read them the first time and I’d like to see if I’d still love them after a re-read.

1. Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
The first time I read this was in the spring of 2015. It was one of the most hyped books when I first found the bookstagram community, and I immediately went to the bookstore to search for it. I loved it so much and read the whole thing within two days while prepping for exams. When I passed my first exam, I bought the sequel as a congratulations gift to myself! Haha. I want to read the trilogy again, because I miss the characters and the world of ShadowhuntersRead More »