The Book Bucket List

I saw Reagan from Peruse Project post a video with this tag – Book Bucket List – and thought it would be fun to make a blog with the same tag!

So this tag is about the books you definitely want to read during your lifetime (it’s like a tbr pile for life). You want to read them but can’t be sure WHEN you’ll get to read them. You just know that you’ll read them one day.

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First blog entry: Q & A

My very first blog entry! I’m so excited for this and I really hope you guys will enjoy my blog. I asked on Instagram what questions you had for me, and Summer (library_looter) spammed me with questions! Carolien (carolreadsbooks) asked me as well and I’ve integrated them into the two first questions.

When did you start reading and what’s the first novel you remember reading?

The first book I remember reading was Harry Potter og De Vises Sten (the danish translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone). I was eleven years old and I borrowed it from one of my best friends, he was a big fan of the books and kept suggesting them to me. I remember being very much against it in the beginning, because in our class it wasn’t very cool to read or to be a little geeky/nerdy. But in the end I agreed to borrow it and I enjoyed it so much more than I expected I would! I actually got my parents to buy the second book as soon as I could. Or I used my own savings. I can’t really remember, but I got the second book immediately.

Why did you start reading and was it because of a specific book?

I think the answer to these questions are covered by the answer above, but I’d like to explain WHY I started reading. Because I could’ve ended up NOT buying the second book in the Harry Potter series, I could’ve ignored it after finishing it but I didn’t. The thing about books is that there is something addictive in the pages, that feeling when you finally read a book that feels like it’s just written especially to you, where you often lose yourself in the world and in the characters. I’ve most likely already read a book before reading Harry Potter, because I enjoyed going to the school’s library, but the thing is that I don’t remember any of them. Harry Potter became so special to me because I could relate to Harry, Ron and Hermione in so many different ways and I think that’s the main reason to why I started reading so much. You never feel alone when you’re reading a book filled with characters that inspire you, that makes you feel normal and that anything you want and wish for can come true. We follow the characters as they struggle through life and watch them overcome the obstacles, it’s motivating to read! Especially as a young kid.

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